How to Start Freelancing as a Freelance Academic Writer?

Freelance Academic Writer

Is freelancing not a great career opportunity? Many of you will agree with this statement. Indeed, freelancing is a great career opportunity and offer attractive monetary benefits. Due to lucarative payout, many undergraduates want to step into this career. But the problem is every freelance academic writer does not taste success in their career. Many writers do not have the particular skill set and tools. There are also those writers who can only dream of it. They don’t put in the work required and only think repeatedly. Of course, such writers will not be the centre of our discussion but the formers. Today’s article will discuss all writers need to equip before starting freelancing. Before moving further, let’s define who is a freelance academic writer.

A freelance writer is a writer who provides his services online. From writing to proofreading academic documents, he does all kinds of jobs. Remember, the services are not free; they come for a price. In simple words, a hired paid writer from the internet is a freelance writer. Today, many students take the services of such writers. But the quality and qualification of such writers have always been a question. Well, this is not the topic of our discussion.

How to Start Freelancing?

Undoubtedly, starting freelancing is an uphill task. Many clients do not trust newbies and beginners. Therefore, to create a strong impact, you must equip yourself with tools and techniques. Some essential tools and techniques are required to start freelancing,which is the centre of our discussion. A brief description of essentials is as follows;

Choose a Subject

Freelancing platforms are so diverse that you can find work related to your expertise. But at first, you must differentiate between an academic and content writer. Academic writers write content that is purely educational. In academics, there are a thousand subjects like engineering, sciences, philosophy, or psychology. First of all, you need to pick up your area of interest. The rest of the things will come later.

For example, you are a holder of a Mechanical Engineering degree. Therefore, the subject of your interest must be related to mechanical. You can provide assignment and dissertation writing services on different mechanical engineering subjects. This is how a freelance academic writer must choose a subject first based on his background and expertise.

Create a Website or Blog

As described earlier, many fail on their way to becoming great writers. One possible reason is that they could not send their word to the outer world. In the past, writers were unable to make their websites or blogs to find potential clients. This problem has been reduced to much extent with advancements in browsing technologies and AI-powered search engines. Nowadays, everyone can create a website and start posting their content there.

As a freelance academic writer, you must also create a website or blog. The purpose of that website or blog should be to maximize the reach of your work. Moreover, having an online presence is necessary for a freelance writer as most of the job is done online. Creating a blog is the simplest way of all. You need to create a blog in your name and start publishing your content there. Thus, creating a website or blog will bring fruitful results. You can offer different content writing services like assignment and dissertation writing services on your website or blog.

Write Great Sample Work

Writing a general sample is important, but writing a good one is obligatory. The sample is what every potential client will look for in the blog and profile on any freelancing site. The sample work is, basically, your portfolio. Whatever subject you choose, you need to be effective at it. If you are the best, you can write the greatest sample work. The sample work serves as your resume. It introduces you to the client or customer before he buys your services. Therefore, many freelance academic writers burn their midnight oil in writing good samples. You should also do the same if you want success in this career.

Pitch Yourself Everywhere

Once you know your strengths, create a website and write your sample, it’s time for advertisement. Start working for magazines and online stores even if they don’t pay you. It will increase your writing and other skills and add up to your resume. Millions of people read magazines and shop from online stores. When such a broader audience reads your writings, the chances of success get increased. You can pitch companies and websites you love and offer them your services. Most probably, they will ask for some samples from you. Remember, you have already written an excellent piece of writing in the step above. Send them that samples and bang.

Check Writing Jobs

Kicking off a career, especially a freelancing career, is challenging. You should not lose hope and keep doing the hard work. When you feel that you are ready to enter into this career, checking for writing jobs becomes necessary. Many platforms available online offer writing jobs to excellent freelance academic writers. You should always keep on checking those websites and job boards for paid work opportunities. Exploring the communities of writers on Facebook and other platforms is also a healthy practice.

Collect Reviews From Clients

Following the above points will surely bring you success and reputation. As you start building your reputation, collecting reviews from your clients can be really helpful. The positive feedback from previous customers will help you attract new clients. In simple words, there is a direct relationship between customers and reviews. Many customers give comments on their own, but some do not. As a freelance academic writer, you can ask such clients to write a few words on your service.


Freelancing is a very lucrative job for many individuals who want to start their own business. But, only those freelance academic writers succeed who use their skills effectively. You can get a good start in freelancing by following the steps mentioned above.

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