What Is Black Anodizing and what are its Benefits?

What Is Black Anodizing and what are its Benefits?

In the world of metals, “black anodizing” is a special type of anodizing that creates a black metal which has many extra advantages beyond normal anodizing. 

  • One technique used to dye the metal for black anodizing is with the use of inorganic salts that are made from metals that turn the metal black. 
  • The second method is by the use of organic black dye, as plain organic dye only offers only limited benefits. 
  • The major advantage of black anodizing is that the black dye does better in every area where there is high light and heat.
  • The metal will also happen to corrode at a much slower rate than any metal that has been treated with standard anodizing.

The Simpler Method

A somewhat easier way of applying the black anodizing method is by using a unique black dye, and it can be done with a chemical blacking kit. This is applied immediately to it just after the metal has been anodized, and, whilst it will give the metal some extra benefits over those that have used the commonly dyed anodized metals, it won’t be as fully advantageous. Even though this technique is gaining ground over time, because of its simplicity

The More Intense Method

This is certainly a lengthier process, and concerns the other method of black anodizing involving the use of metallic salts. These are added following the anodizing process, which in a lot of cases and depending how the metal will be utilised, is the preferred way. They can also be applied at the same time as the anodizing process is taking place. Salts are required to maintain the anodising process constant, and this type of anodizing requires special blackening salts. 

  • These salts have the means to change and harden the metal’s structure and to prevent hydrogen embrittlement, so that the finished job is perfectly sturdy.

Where The Metals are used

Anodized metal is often subjected to harsh environments such as in places where there are high temperatures and strong light. While normal anodised metal works well in such surroundings, black anodising prepares the metal a lot better by allowing it to stay fully unaffected by any type of heat or light. 

Strength such as this is why this type of anodized metal is used for things such as spacecraft, optical devices which cannot withstand metal bleaching, and health care equipment that has to face extreme heat levels and powerful cleaning chemicals.

Matters of Sealant

Another advantage the use of using black anodizing is an increased resistance to wear and corrosion. This occurs because of the sealant which is used to ensure that the black dye or salt bonded to the metal This further means that anodized metals are indeed superior in harsh conditions and don’t corrode if being used as semiconductors or some other kind of product which is constantly being exposed to high levels of electricity.

If you have something which needs top grade blackening, make sure to use a trustworthy and well-established company.

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