Advantages of Online Trading Versus Trading Using A Offline Broker

Advantages of Online Trading Versus Trading Using A Offline Broker

Online trading has many advantages that trading through a local stock broker doesn’t. In the past, if you wanted to trade stocks, then you had to do it through a local broker because the Internet didn’t exist yet. Today, you have no more excuses to not trade online because there are hundreds of online brokers that you can choose from to execute your trades for you.

Here are just a few of the advantages that trading online can provide you:

Less Fees 

Executing your trades online beats using a local broker hands down. Depending on the broker you choose, your fees can be $60 or higher per trade. Brokers have to charge these high fees because each trade you execute demands their personal attention and time. In comparison, online trading fees are much lower because a computer can execute trades for you without needing anyone’s personal attention. Some online brokers can even execute your trades for free if you maintain a certain minimum balance in your account. Delta fx markets

Execute Trades Immediately 

Many local brokers are not set up to execute high-volume transactions. It can be a huge inconvenience executing stock buy and sell orders with a local broker. Typically, when you try to call them they will be out to lunch or unavailable to take your call. Trading with an online broker is the opposite. If you are ready to do your trade, then just log onto your computer, enter your trade, and click go. Your transaction will be executed within seconds.

24-hour Trading Access 

Most local brokers are only open for business during daytime hours. If you try to call their office after normal business hours, then more than likely you will not get an answer. In contrast, most online brokers allow you to execute orders 24 hours a day. This allows you to do your research and trades at your convenience.


Online trading accounts offer 24-hour customer service. This allows you to get customer service questions answered quickly. Customers can get questions answered by several several different options, including email, online chat, and phone.

Market Coverage 

Online trading accounts may give you the added advantage of being able to trade in more than just ask. They often give you the ability to invest in multiple markets, such as Forex trading and commodities investments. Your local brokerage usually will not have as many investment opportunities available to you as you would with an online trading account.

Watch Investments in Real Time 

An online trading account can also offer you the advantage of being able to monitor your stock investments in real time. You can log into your trading account and see your profits and losses at a glance. Online accounts make many types of reports available to you ranging from finance news to research reports.

Brokers Errors Are Eliminated 

Sometimes when you put in an order for a stock trade, your broker will enter information incorrectly. This can be a huge headache for you. With online trading you will get less execution errors because you enter each trade into the computer yourself. Of course, if you are the one who enters the information into the computer, then you need to double check and make sure that you are doing it correctly.

Avoid Brokers Pushing Product 

If you do all of your trades online, then there is a hidden advantage that you could of overlooked. Many brokers are ordered to push certain financial services and stocks on their clients. Whenever you call their office, you are at risk of being sold investments you don’t want. Online trading eliminates that and lets you decide for yourself which investments to make.

In conclusion, trading online can be a great decision for you. You can execute your stock trades more efficiently and accurately without all the normal problems that comes with using a local broker.

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