Step-By-Step Guide On Claiming Car Insurance After A Cyclone

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In recent years, India has faced powerful cyclones like Yaas, Tauktae, Amphan, and Fani, causing billions in damages. Given the potential for severe damage to cars during cyclones, understanding the process of filing a comprehensive car insurance claim for vehicle damage is crucial.

How To File A Claim With Your Car Insurance For Cyclone-Related Damages

Damage from natural disasters is covered by comprehensive car insurance online, making it a crucial investment over basic third-party car insurance plans that don’t cover such car damage. Make sure you renew car insurance online to always stay protected. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy. *

These Are The Procedures For Filing A Car Insurance Claim For Cyclone-Related Damage.

Step 1: Communicate With Your Insurance Provider

The most important thing to do after damage to a car is to notify your insurance provider of the damage. The cyclone made headlines across the country, but it is unproductive to think that your insurer will get in touch with you to discuss a claim. As a result, make sure to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible and familiarise yourself with the claim procedure.

Step 2: Compile Proof

Taking images or videos of the damaged car will be very beneficial. Moreover, news reports regarding the cyclone can support your argument.

Step 3: Gather The Necessary Information

Prepare information such as the policy number, vehicle details, and other documents required for the claim procedure.

Step 4: Make A Claim

Use your registered mobile number to log in and submit a claim via the website or mobile app. Click “Claim Now” to finish the claim and upload the required information.

After you file a claim, your insurance provider might need certain information. Ensure your insurance provider is informed of all these details as soon as possible. This will expedite the processing of your claim payout.

In Terms Of Car Insurance, What Is Total Loss?

When your car is so damaged that the cost of repairs exceeds 75% of its actual value or the IDV (Insured Declared Value), you have suffered a total loss. Declaring the IDV is a requirement for policyholders purchasing comprehensive car insurance online.

Given its impact and the flood-like conditions, it is likely that a cyclone will result in the complete loss of your car. In the event of cyclone damage, water intrusion is frequent and can affect the engine and other car components. If your insurer reports total loss, you will get the claim amount roughly equivalent to the IDV. You can use an IDV calculator to calculate the necessary costs.

For instance

Mr. D, who resides in Odisha, experienced damage from the Yaas cyclone in 2021 to his sedan and other belongings. The four-year-old sedan owned by Mr. D had an IDV of Rs. 6.5 lakhs and the cost of fixing the damage came to Rs. 5.5 lakhs.

The insurance company declared a total loss for the vehicle because the repair costs exceeded 75% of the car’s IDV; the settlement amount for the claim was approximately Rs. 6.5 lakhs, deducting deductibles. 

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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