Great Uses for Concrete and Cement Around the Home

Great Uses for Concrete and Cement Around the Home

Most people will be familiar in using timber, glass and to some extent steel in their home DIY projects but not many will have yet ventured onto concrete or cement. Concrete has gained a reputation for being difficult to use and unforgiving so it’s easy to see why.

Fortunately, concrete isn’t as difficult to use as it looks so we’re going to provide you with a number of ideas on how you could use it during your home renovation.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is any wall that is erected to contain large amounts of soil or other ground material. Usually constructed from brickwork, retaining walls can also use concrete to good effect.

If feeling adventurous, you could even create somewhat of a feature out of the wall with the installation of other decorative materials such as glass and aluminium. All you’ll need to do is erect shuttering in the shape of a wall by assembling planks of timber together to form a structure for which you can pour the concrete into.

Heated Driveways and Walkways 

Not just the floors within your home can be heated. Popular within cold regions that see frequent snow and ice, heated driveways can make the early morning trip to work that much easier. 

A series of pipework is laid with which to transport hot water, encased within a layer of concrete. It is these pipes which provide the heat for the concrete slab, melting away snow and ice. 

Kitchen Countertops

Marble and granite are timeless choices but are also very expensive to buy. Precast concrete is a great alternative which can provide an industrial architectural feel whilst being much cheaper. 

In the Bathroom 

Just as in the kitchen, concrete does a great job of providing a unique finish to your bathroom. A popular use for concrete is within the shower floor basin as it provides a great non-slip finish and is also easy to clean. 

Precast concrete slabs also make a great alternative to traditional wall tiles, especially when polished. 

Build a New Garage

If your property features enough space, consider constructing a garage or shed out of concrete. Much more stylish than red clay bricks, a concrete finish works both inside and out. You can either have the walls poured on site or you can opt for precast concrete panels instead which can be delivered and then erected at your leisure.

Ready Mix Concrete 

Although you can readily buy the base ingredients for concrete from any DIY outlet or builder’s merchant, consider ordering ready mixed concrete instead. Perfect for larger projects, ready mix concrete can be delivered exactly when you need it, saving you the hassle of having to mix it yourself.

Ready mix concrete is available from any supplier that supplies the building trade and construction industry. Ready mix concrete in Hendon and Greater London can be sourced locally so look up a company in your directory for a quotation. Remember to specify the exact type of concrete you need. 

Once you’ve got the hang of it, concrete is one of the most versatile building materials available and has many uses.

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